Friday, May 20, 2011

Making History with Google

Google in KC, KS - March 30, 2011

DSS and sister company Collateral Media played with the big dogs recently in a press conference, where Google announced they chose Kansas City, KS for an Ultra High-Speed Broadband Network.

The search industry leader, announced that it will build the network, which is intended to provide speeds up to 1 gigabit per second, in Kansas City, Kansas.

More than 1,100 communities had applied since the call for applicants was announced about a year ago. Kansas City will first see the new developments next year, and Google is already looking for additional communities to join the test.

DSS provided equipment, ambiance and technical support for the event.

DSS, INC provides Google production support
at their March 30 press conference in KC, KS.

Women's Lyceum

Women's Lyceum, OPCC - April 21, 2011
DSS, INC participated in what is considered the largest leadership development event for women in the Kansas City area according to the Kansas City Star online.  Hosted at the Overland Park Convention Center on April 21, 2011, DSS crew provided technical support, equipment and ambiance that would have made our Creative Director, Danny Mayo proud.

According to the KC Star, this seventh annual conference, sponsored by The Central Exchange, offers participants a day of inspirational speakers and numerous educational breakout sessions.

Keynote presenters include former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan and Wendy Kopp, founder of Teach for America. That organization recruits outstanding recent college graduates to teach for two years in America's neediest urban and rural schools.

Thank you to The Central Exchange for another successful year.

Monday, March 14, 2011

In remembrance of a True Rockstar, The passing of Daniel E. Mayo

Friends and Family,

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart in which I write this. The DSS family suffered a tragedy yesterday in the passing of Daniel E. Mayo. Dan Mayo, Director of Creative Services for Digital Sound Systems, passed away Sunday morning unexpectedly in his sleep. Dan, who recently celebrated his 59th birthday in February, will be greatly missed. Those who have had the pleasure of knowing Dan understand the great loss to not only his friends and family, but also to the event and entertainment industry in Kansas City.

“Danny”, as he was so affectionately referred to as, was a graduate of the University of Kansas. Dan’s passion for music led him into the entertainment industry during college. Dan dedicated his life to his career. Dan’s list of accomplishments span over 4 decades. His resume includes production managing The Ozark Mountain Daredevils and Martina McBride for years. After coming off the road, Dan’s focus shifted to creating fascinating scenic and lighting designs and managing high profile private and corporate events. Dan’s amazing ability to create stunning visuals and experiences through the use of lighting, were magnificent. Dan was a true master at his craft. In recent years Dan’s career included technical production of the Ballet and Harvest Balls in Kansas City, The 50th annual Grammy Awards party at the Staples center in Los Angeles, as well as numerous fundraisers including Jazoo and Treads and Threads.

I met Dan when I was 13 years old when the company he worked for provided the lighting for numerous television events for my father. Since that time, Danny has been a mentor and a friend who has helped shape me as a person and as a businessman. In my early days of running DSS, I would often overstep my understanding of what the expectations of working in the music industry were and what needed to be delivered. Danny was always the first person to step in and offer me assistance and try to help save me from myself. Of course, it was never without an extended conversation of my shortcomings. Danny was a teacher and a mentor, not just to me, but to all of our staff. His demand for perfection and passion for his craft is what made Danny who he was. He was as unique and eclectic as the lighting designs and stage sets he created.

Danny had an unrivaled sense of wit and mastery of communication. The product of two high school English teachers, Danny was never at a loss for words. Even in times of sadness, Dan had an eloquent way of expressing himself. In a facebook post that Dan had made supporting a friend who recently suffered a loss, Dan had this to say.

... sorry to hear about that... in truth, I didn't actually discover that I myself was mortal until a few years ago... it only served to piss me off at the time... however, I have discovered that time only manages to ravage those who make the tactical error of acknowledging the damage ... just have to create the illusion that one is too eccentric to pass ... at least that's worked for me up to this point ... at one point , in a moment of exemplary irony, I decided on a suitable epitaph, should the need arise at some far distant moment in the future ... simple but to the point ... "It seemed like a good idea, at the time..." ...would seem to cover a variety of possibilities, don't you think ??

January 25, 2010 at 5:51pm

Yes, Mr. non-conforming, was a member of facebook.

Danny continued the same support for me personally and the production company that I am so proud to represent today. In October, Danny was a groomsman in my wedding. To say that Danny was important to me and my family is an understatement. Danny spent every Easter, Christmas, and birthday with us.

I am certain that anyone who knows Dan has a similar story to mine. It is no secret as to how he cared for people and how important he was to us. He was a mentor, educator and father figure for many in our company. A person like Dan is never replaced. I ask for your prayers for his family and the DSS family as we try to transition through this difficult loss.

Arrangements are being made and I will send out information as it develops.

With Love and Respect,



Digital Sound Systems, Inc.

Monday, February 14, 2011

DSS, Inc will host After Hours

Want an inside peak of how large concerts and events are produced? Join DSS, Inc for one of the greatest networking events in Kansas City.

DSS, Inc will host the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce After Hours event, February 24, 2011 from 5-7 pm at the DSS, INC Headquarters.
You're invited to enjoy drinks, food, socializing and networking with local business affiliates at the DSS, Inc Headquarters, as well as learn what DSS and its sister company Collateral Media are all about.

Email Candice Rukes at if you'd like a free pass; first 50 will be honored.

$5.00 for members
$25.00 for non-members

Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 11, 2010

DSS' Hidden Secret

It is no secret DSS will try anything, but how we do it is the question. DSS has a small group of talented individuals we like to call the masterminds or on paper our Fabrication Department. Whether it is a small custom case or an artists custom stage set, the Fab.
Department will design, create and deliver in a very short amount of time.

One of the recent projects that have caught the eyes of many is the three-tier Chandelier for an event at the Midland Theatre. Providing an atmospheric presence, the LED Chandelier was constructed out of 2 in. steel pipe and 33 LED Panels and created in 24 hours, start to finish.

The Oklahoma City Barons Hockey Team also enjoyed some of fabrications custom creations. CNC cut oil rig towers with custom mounted signs from sister company Collateral Media, made for the perfect path for the opening season player introductions. These were also completed in 24 hours.

Missouri Mavericks are enjoying two projects the fabrication team created for their locker room for this year’s season at the Independence Events Center . A team favorite was the three-layer custom steel mascot. Cut from steel, custom dyed and welded this masterpiece will be around for years to come. The Mavericks are also enjoying a custom statistics board, produced with a custom cut piece of tempered glass, stand-offs and a custom graphic by Collateral Media. The Mavericks staff is able to update statistics with a simple dry erase marker instead of stick on numbers on the wall.

Lastly, the Fabrication gentleman along with their friends at Collateral Media developed from the ground up, the stage presence for Tech N9ne's 2010 tour. Tech N9ne wanted an industrial feel, so we designed just that. Smoke stacks, working cogs, custom industrial fans, LED screens and much more. Tech N9ne was very excited to hit the road with his new set and has had nothing but positive feedback.

DSS prides itself in quick turnaround on all projects. The Fabrication department at DSS designs, creates and delivers top quality products in a timely manner. The team works long hours to ensure projects are completed correctly and promptly. Be sure to check back in, you never know what project the masterminds of DSS will come up with next.